Dear Grampa…

I am trying to write a thank-you letter to my grampa

for a $100 check he gave me for my birthday over 2 months ago

that I still haven’t cashed

I’m planning on drafting in Word

so I can rewrite it on nice, respectable stationary

to send to him with a stamp

because he’s never used a computer

but all I can think about

is my travel journal from the 8th grade

when I hand-wrote over 60 pages

in a notebook of hand-made paper

in the style of Georgia Nicolson

and collages and drawings

and my grampa said

“THAT’S how she spells ‘Farris wheel???

Her spelling is atrocious!”

and he was so disappointed.

All I can think to tell him is

“I have spellcheck now grampa.”

and “I’m still disappointing.”

Can’t decide if my grampa is yolo or antiyolo.

My grampa is cool but he thinks he’s my uncle.